Celebrity 셀러브리티 绝世网红 絕世KOL – Long Story Short Part 2/4 Eng version [Kapamilya Drama – Kdrama]


NEW K-Drama! #celebrity #셀러브리티 #绝世网红 #絕世網紅 #絕世KOL is a 2023 South Korean streaming television series! (Eng Sub&Dup) Watched all 12 episodes in one go. Long Story Short 12-episode summary. Napanood lahat ng 12 na episode nang tuloy-tuloy. #Kapamilya #pinoy #Philippines

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Drama Intro

If someone gains fame and popularity on social media, they can also make a lot of money. Seo A-Ri (Park Gyu-Young) jumps into the social media world as an influencer. She makes bold moves that gains her even more followers and is able to use that for her personal gain. While she enjoys her life as a celebrity, she also encounters its uglier side, How’s SeoAri life at the end? Watch until the end then you will know it!

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